Staff Members
Clay Smith (Farmer)

 I knew from a young age that I wanted to spend my life living close to the earth and creating my own livelihood. I was introduced to agriculture early on in high school by my older brother who was attending MSU and had connections with the student organic farm at the school. I always had felt a strong connection to plants and animals so sustainable agriculture is a natural fit for me. Although I had learned a lot from reading and seeing farms I felt I needed hands on experience in farming, so in my senior year of high school I began interning at a recently started natural vegetable farm just outside of the city. My 3 years of working at Green Gardens Community Farm is what taught me the practices to efficiently produce food on a small, sustainable scale and prepared me for starting my own farm with confidence.

We have many dreams and ideas for what to create on our land, but only one prevailing philosophy. That is to produce food as independently and sustainably as possible, which entails raising plants and animals naturally and humanely. We will strive to provide our animals with the most natural living conditions as we possibly can so that their time with us will be the way it was meant to be and the nourishment to people will be wholesome and ethical. 

I am thrilled to start farming on my own and to continue to build the local food community in southwest michigan.