Pastured Poultry CSA

Chicken and Turkey CSA

This is our special poultry combo pack. For the lover of pasture poultry meat.

To learn more about how we raise our birds on pasture, check out Pastured Poultry Information

What you get:

  • 4 whole, frozen chickens per month for six months
  • 1 whole, frozen turkey in early November
  • That's 24 pastured chickens and 1 pastured turkey in total

When you get it:

  • June-november
  • 4 chickens per month, picked up at a drop site location once a month
  • Turkey pick up will be in early November

What you save:

  • 24 chickens at average 4-5 lbs and $5/lb = $20-$25/bird x 24 birds= $480-$600 retail
  • 1 turkey at average 15lbs, $5/lb = $75/bird retail

     Retail value would be $555-$675

You pay just $400!



We provide this discounted opportunity because we highly value our CSA members. With their support we can be ready and prepared for a great a successful season. 

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