Pastured Poultry

EarthSmith's pastured poultry is a premium product due to the daily rotations through pasture that our birds get. All of our birds are raised from day old chicks on the farm, brooded out in a spacious portable brooder and never given any kind of growth hormone or pharmaceuticals. They spend their days on pasture, with tons of room to roam, where they eat grass, legumes, bugs, and take dust baths!

Our poultry are part of our multi-species rotational grazing strategy and play an important ecological role in our "eco-system". Birds will scratch and peck through ruminants dung, looking for undigested food and bugs. This greatly benefits the future health of our ruminants (cow/sheep) by interrupting and disturbing the reproduction cycle of intestinal parasites that could effect the health of the grazing animals. 

Another important role of poultry in our system is utilizing every aspect of the pasture. Chickens and turkeys eat a tremendous amount of bugs, ticks, and seeds every day. These are food sources that would other wise go to waste without the birds within the rotation.



We have three types of birds on pasture:

  • Meat Chickens
  • Turkeys
  • Laying hens

The health benefits for consumers of pastured poultry versus commercial-raised poultry are outstanding. Our fresh, healthy products mean:
• More omega-3s
• More vitamins A, C, and E
• Higher levels of beta-carotene.
• Arsenic-free
• Less fat
• Superior texture and flavor
• Lower cholesterol


Plus ethical solidarity knowing that the animals live a wonderful and natural life, everyday being free to express their natural instincts. Never tortured, poisoned, or confined.

We take pride in our passions to raise animals with an ecological, environmental, and animal welfare directive, guiding our philosophies, and bringing you the most ecological food source possible.