Pastured Pork

Pre-order Pasture raised quarter, halves, and wholes

EarthSmith LLC. will be offering pre ordered quarters, halves, and wholes for the 2014 Season. 

  Our hogs will be of heritage breeds and raised only on fresh grounds, rotated around our farm to give them a great quality of life while utilizing healthy manure distribution and not allowing them to over graze our pastures. Our hogs will be raised without the use of chemical antibiotics, hormones, or any growth enhancers of any type. We will do our best to provide the hogs with the most nutritional pasture land on our farm, providing nutrition in the form of roots, plants, bugs, worms, nuts, fruits, and anything they can find out there, it is however, almost impossible to raise these pigs to a marketable weight without some protein, carbohydrates, and nutrition supplements. I can personally promise that I will do everything i can every single day to try to feed YOUR pig the best supplemental feed that i can find. Our ration will include some of the following things: michigan raised grains (corn, oats, barley, and millet), along with michigan grown roasted soybeans (for protein), kelp, brewers yeast, natural probiotic (for their health), and hopefully some dairy whey from our neighbors! It will be custom blended to my specifications at a local mill. 


**Deposits are due in the the spring, by april 1st. However we will only be accepting a limited number of pre-orders so procrastination is not recommended. The remainder will be due in the fall when you come to the farm to pick up your pork. 


*Prices are for HANGING (not live) weight of pigs. This is close to the amount of meat you will be taking home. Prices include raising, feeding, transport, processing in an USDA certified facility in our area, vacuum packaged in serving size portions, package labeled with weight and cuts, and frozen. Ready to be picked up at the farm in fall. 

You will have an opportunity to customize how parts of your hog will be butchered. AKA which cuts you want, sizes, package sizes, divisions of large cuts, etc. 


- $5.50/lb for quarters and halves

- $5.00/lb for wholes



- Quarter   $200

- Half   $400

- Whole   $600

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A typical 250 lb heritage hog dresses out at about 180 lbs (take home "meat" weight) so a half is somewhere between 80-100 lbs. Usually 2 cubic feet of freezer space.


*There will be no refunds after ordering. At the time of pick up in the fall you are responsible for the remainder of the price/LB of your pork. 

Please email for any other questions