Pastured Meats CSA

What You Get:


  • 3 chickens per month for 6 months
  • Frozen, whole birds processed in an USDA facility
  • Pasture raised, with non-GMO local grain


  • One quarter of a hog, disbursed in October or early November
  • Born and raised on our farm
  •  We will do our absolute best to evenly disburse equal amounts of each type of cut. We cannot guarantee any specific amounts of a particular cut. 
  • Likely to be an even amount, per member, of; Bacon, bulk sausage, chops, ham steaks, and tenderloin medallions. 
  • Processed, smoked, and packaged in "humane kill" facility, Byron Center Meats.


  • One whole pastured turkey, disbursed in early November
  • Processed in USDA facility. Can be frozen or fresh.
  • Large part of diet comes from pasture and bugs. Rotated daily

Retail values:

18 Chickens, 5LBS/bird, $5/Lb retail = $288

45lbs of pork (approx 1/4 hog), $6/lb retail= $270

1 Thanksgiving turkey (approx 15lbs) $5/lb retail= $75


$633 retail value for $500 CSA share cost, $133 in savings!


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