Our Farm

EarthSmith Food & Forest Products

 Starting in 2012, we set out to to design and create an ecological farming system. EarthSmith is designed to integrate its production models into the surrounding environment, in order to both enhance and be enhanced by natural features. We believe in the integration of multiple animal species into our food production systems in order to utilize carbon energy and naturally cycle nutrients through the soil.

We believe that the current way our society produces food is flawed and has failed, not only our people's health but also the health of our land, water, and air. We are setting out to create an entirely different paradigm to view agriculture in. We believe in a permanent, sustaining, perennial agriculture system modeled off of the dominant ecosystem of our biome, which is the Oak Savanna.

EarthSmith Food & Forest Products LLC. is a diverse, perennial poly culture farm with principles rooted in regenerative agriculture and permaculture.

We produce and offer a diverse selection of food products, which are attainable through different levels of interaction with our farm business:


-Our CSA Share programs! Directly support your local farmer and build a close relationship with us and your food. Multiple convenient drop off sites around town and on the farm.  The best food around! Find out more by visiting our "CSA" page. Sign up now 

-We attend the Kalamazoo Bank Street market on Saturdays, 7am to 2pm from May 3rd - November 22nd . http://farmersmarketkalamazoo.com/

-We also sell to a few restaurants around.

Malia's Mediterranean Bistro - Battle Creek, MI

Old Dog Tavern - Kalamazoo, MI

Martini's - Kalamazoo, MI