A Little About EarthSmith

Welcome! EarthSmith Food & Forest Products LLC. is a 92 acre diverse farm located in Dowling, MI. The farm was founded in 2012 on a beautiful piece of land with close to 60 acres of wooded forest, 5 acres of natural grassland, and 30 acres that was conventionally farmed. 2012 has been a building year for us, busy establishing infrastructure on the farm such as a barn, hoop-house, and equipment, all while eagerly planning for the upcoming season. Spring 2013 will be the farm's official launch and the time that products will start to become available. We have a holistic, natural philosophy of farming and will be following organic practices while striving to reduce the amount of off farm inputs as much as possible. 

We believe that the current way our society produces food is flawed and has failed, not only our people's health but also the healthy of our land, water, and air. We are setting out to create an entirely different paradigm to view agriculture in. We believe in a permanent, sustaining, perennial agriculture system modeled off of the dominant ecosystem of our biome, which is the Oak Savanna. By creating a food producing ecosystem modeled off the oak savanna we will increase our photosynthetic capture rate by 3-7 times that of an annual monoculture, plus we will only have to plant once every 400 years! 

We will begin with an annual vegetable dominant product offering in 2013 while striving to transition to a more sustainable, perennial based agriculture over the following years. EarthSmith will also be raising a very diverse selection of livestock types and breeds. Starting in 2013 the farm will be raising Egg-producing chickens, thanksgiving turkeys, heritage hogs, and cattle. All of our animals will be strictly raised on pasture and will be intensively rotationally grazed to provide the upmost humane conditions and the highest quality products.